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  • Submersible

    The FURA Submersible Pump Line: We are proud to present to you our FURA Submersible Sump/Sewage line. This line of pumps boasts a number of products ranging from 1HP to 400HP, flows from 35GPM to 45,000GPM and heads from 20TDH to 180TDH. Feel free to ask your sales engineer for detailed

  • Self Priming
    Self-Priming FURA Self-Priming Pump Line: Our FURA self-priming pump line is excellent for those who don’t want to mess with the wet well. This pump line features installation on the pump basin cover instead of within the wet well. This is great for preventive maintenance and future s
  • Booster
    FURA Booster Pump Line: Our FURA Booster pump line is great for various applications as stated below. All internal components are made in stainless steel. An internal stack kit allows for easy maintenance. These pumps are ideal for domestic water booster systems, boiler feed applicat
  • Valves
    FURA Valve Line: We have developed our FURA Valve Line specifically for distribution and wholesale level business channel. Unfortunately, we do not sell to the end user, but you can locate one (1) of our distributors to provide you with pricing. This section is ideal for: plumbing supply

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