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The FURA Submersible Pump Line:

We are proud to present to you our FURA Submersible Sump/Sewage line. This line of pumps boasts a number of products ranging from 1HP to 400HP, flows from 35GPM to 45,000GPM and heads from 20TDH to 180TDH. Feel free to ask your sales engineer for detailed specifications, lead times and/or prices.

We know that these pumps are often required to operate in severe duty applications. Therefore, the impeller design allows for a large flow-path, this promotes non-clog pump operation. The motors are engineered to be non-overloading and boast a high efficiency rating resulting in notable energy-savings. We offer a dual mechanical seal application designed with hard alloy anti-corrosive tungsten carbide.

Protecting your investment is important, Therefore, we have designed this series of pumps to have a humidity probe to sense a mechanical seal failure. Upon sensing humidity in the chamber the pump will trigger a relay within the control panel and lock itself out (Note: control panel must be designed to accept this feature).

We offer a Auto-coupling installation. This includes a duplex guide-rail assembly and a special flange assembly to allow for easy removal and installation. This works well when the discharge flange is located within the wet well. This application is mainly for larger municipal/industrial applications.

A special reminder: we also offer required float assemblies, controls packages, basin covers and basins. You don’t see a necessary accessory, feel free to ask an application engineer.