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Residential Submersible Pumps

Residential sump and sewage pumps are ideal for removal of seepage and sewage from the pump basin. There are two types of residential sump and sewage pumps, these are vertical pedestal pumps and submersible pump.  Some pumps are strictly designed to handle sump water and others are designed to handle sewage, this must be confirmed at time of order.  Vertical pedestal pumps range in length, discharge sizes, horsepower and flow.  The key is to purchase a pump that has the appropriate power, voltage, flow and head requirements.  Vertical pedestal pumps have a piping column where the impeller sits in the pit and the motor sits on top of the pump plate.  A submersible pump is fully submerged with the wet well.  Standard residential discharge sizes are usually: 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”.  Usually all residential pumps will be 115V/1PH.  Standard motor horsepower will usually be from 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 1HP, 2HP.

In a sewage or effluent application, the pump will differ. Usually in impeller design. Even though two pumps may look alike it is very possible that there may be impeller differences. A sewage pump will have a vortex or channel impeller to allow a free flow path for solids handling capacity.

When ordering the appropriate pump it is also important to measure the diameter of the pump basin. There are float requirements for the pump to operate properly. Submersible pumps will usually have three types of floats: A tethered float, Pressure switch or a float that will elevate up or down on a guide.  In basins that are 12” or smaller should look at pressure switch or a guided float switch.

It is imperative that a check valve be installed on the discharge line of the pump assembly. Many times if the check valve is faulty there will be backflow into the pump basin. This can cause premature pump failure. Most residential pumps flow is calculated by either Gallons Per Minute or Gallons Per Hour. Standard head requirements for residential pumps is usually 10’

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